Holiday Let 5 Seater Hot Tub

Add a touch of luxury to your holiday let.

What’s Included

  • One colour option for the shell and side panels
  • 40 jets with an array of formations
  • Ozone water clarifier that keeps your water clean
  • 1 x 3HP LX Pump – equipped with the industry’s most advanced pumps
  • A 3KW heater that keeps your water warm
  • Built with Aristech Acrylic – world leading supplier
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Technical Details

People 5
Dimensions (L,W,H) 79 × 79 × 36 in
Weight 772 LBS
Jets 40
Power Supply 50 A / 240V
Pumps 1 x 6 BHP

Is the holiday let 5 seater for you?

A hot tub is the perfect addition to holiday cottages, holiday parks, leisure parks and glamping locations. They not only add a touch of luxury, but they can also increase occupancy and revenue by up to 60%.

Our holiday let 5 seater hot tub seats 5 people, making it a perfect option for families or  groups of friends on holiday.

The hot tub meets the HSG282 regulations; which a business must meet in order to offer a hot tub for financial gains. See our holiday let hot tub in action at Robin Hood Farm’s B&B:

Designed purely for the holiday let market, our holiday let 5 seater hot tub offers a basic layout with no breakable or removable components and is designed for heavy usage.

The robust but minimalistic design perfectly complements any garden, decking or outdoor area.



Rotational jets

Individual seat pressure controls

Stainless steel jet casings

Build Quality

Superior Aristech Acrylic finish

Hand rolled fibre glass shell

Three colour choices

No maintenance cabinet

High impact moulded ABS base

No kink PVC plumbing


Underwater flood lighting

Water Care

Ozone water clarifying system

Energy Efficiency

High density lockable spa cover

Power And Control

Optional WiFi app based remote control

Holiday Let 5 Seater Hot Tub Seat Layout

With one lounger and four seats, this is the perfect hot tub for a family or a group of friends on holiday. Furthermore, a couple would have lots of space to sit back and relax in this spa, making it a great addition during a romantic break for two.

Holiday Let 5 Seater Hot Tub Jet Layout

  • 40 jets in total
  • 8 x 89 mm Directional Jets
  • 2 x 89 mm Rotational Jets
  • 2 x 63 mm Fixed Jets
  • 28 x 25 mm Fixed Jets

Rotating jets

The rotating jet provides an intense pressure point massage. These are particularly effective at relieving tension in the back.

Directional jets

This style of directional jet provides a less intense pressure point massage. This is more effective at soothing aching muscles.

Choose your colour

Shell Colours

Side Panel

Additional Features

Platinum Spas have an abundance of features using the latest innovation and design to bring you the ultimate hot tub experience.

Aristech Acrylic

We use high-quality Aristech Acrylic on all Platinum Spas hot tubs. The Aristech Acrylic brand has been supplying acrylic sheets from the world’s leading brands for the manufacturing of spas, swim spas, and hot tubs.

From its beginnings, the Aristech Acrylics brand has blended innovation, manufacturing expertise, and industry-leading customer service, to become the preferred brand of acrylic sheets for the OEMs, fabricators, and designers worldwide.

Design and build

Here at Platinum Spas, we take pride in the quality of our hot tubs from the controls we use down to the pipework materials. We use the latest technology on all build and design work to create cutting-edge products at great value for our customers.

Our brand values are quality, choice, care, and innovation – we focus on these every day and ensure every hot tub is built against these values. Our hot tubs are built to last, and we have unrivaled warranties.

All Platinum Spas come with synthetic composite side panels, perfect for all weather conditions; indoors and outdoors. The side panels are easily changeable in case of damage caused by the end user.

Easy to access

Get in and out of your hot tub easily with matching steps which are included with your Platinum Spas hot tub. Prolong the life of your hot tub cover by purchasing a cover lifter, this also makes it much easier to open and close.

Water quality

Every Platinum Spa comes with the Ozone water clarifier as standard to help keep your water clean and healthy. We generate Ozone in your hot tub, which is a powerful oxidant and helps destroy bacteria, viruses, and algae.

An ozone generator reduces the need for chemicals in your hot tub, although it doesn’t replace them entirely.

An ozone generator purifies naturally, producing ozone from the atmosphere, just using electricity to generate the UV light.

Ozone in your hot tub can reduce maintenance time and cost, prolong equipment life, and can reduce smells from chloramines. Some people believe that ozonized water also feels softer to their skin.

WiFi enabled controls

The Balboa Worldwide App (bwa™), is an app for your smart device (Android™ or iPhone®) that allows you to access your hot tub via a direct connection. Either connect to your local Wi-Fi network, or anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection to your smart device via 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi hot spots.

* With the bwa™ app, you can ensure that your hot tub will be ready whenever you want to take a dip.

Instead of going outside and pressing buttons on the topside panel, the app lets you start the hot tub and change settings from your smartphone or tablet. The app provides full interface control, so you can set the temperature, turn pumps on and off, and even set filtration cycles.

This system can be added as an option to any Platinum Spas hot tub.

Superior Strength via 304 Stainless Steel

We take pride in the build quality and utilise 304 stainless steel for the very important frame construction. 304 stainless steel is the most common form of stainless steel used around the world, due to its excellent corrosion resistance and value. Unlike some manufacturers, we use a strong square tubular frame rather than a weaker C-section frame. The advantages of stainless steel include:

  • Much stronger and lighter in weight than a traditional wood frame.
  • Corrosion-resistant and as steel is stable, it won’t expand or contract in extreme atmospheric conditions.
  • Aesthetically neater and a tidy finish.
  • Allows better access inside the spa for ongoing maintenance.
  • Welded joints are far stronger than screwed joints.